Mobile OPD Van Manufacturers in India

Human Care Medical Fabrication is one of the Best Mobile OPD Van Manufacturers in India that is normally built on bigger vehicle chassis like Swaraj Mazda, Eicher, Ashok Leyland, and Force Tempo Travelers, etc… Mobile OPD Van is designed on such vehicles to extend the facility of OPD for diagnosing various ailments and also treating patients after diagnosing/screening them using various equipment available in the Mobile OPD Van. Various equipment used in the Mobile OPD Van include,

Mobile X-ray: Usually we know that X-ray machines are a bit larger in a size to move them from a site to another. However, there have been innovations like a mobile x-ray that are being used by us in making it easy to carry these instruments in an OPD van. These are used to diagnose the defects in the skeletal structure of humans.

Ultrasound: It becomes really hard to maintain an Ultrasound device by moving it from place to place. Even these have been made possible these days and such diagnosis also can be made in the OPD van itself. It can describe the structural abnormalities in the body that cannot be found from outside the body.

ECG Machine: These instruments are these days, not huge instruments. They come in a compact size and can even be carried in hands. It is used to check the status of the Heart and its functioning.

Blood Pressure Monitor: Even this instrument known as Sphygmomanometer has these days been reduced in size and even electronic Blood Pressure Monitors have evolved. These are very much useful in the assessment of the blood pressure in the patients to diagnose the conditions.

Mobile Medical Lab: Not all the lab tests can be incorporated into the OPD vans individually, but many of these can be incorporated into the OPD vans if they are all together combined into a single instrument. Various tests related to blood and other specimens related tests can be done to get accurate results on the spot by these in OPD vans.

Human Care Medical Fabrications can custom design Mobile OPD Van based on the user requirement and also provide total solution in respect of Mobile OPD Van fabrication, equipment and after-sales support. Human Care Medical Fabrications has an in-house facility at Mumbai to fabricate Mobile OPD Van as per the requirement of the user. We also provide the facility for Air-conditioning, lighting, washing or drinking water, a storage facility for medicines and accessories etc. etc. The required amount of Hospital furniture is also fixed in the patient compartment for doing an examination of the patient and for conducting OPD. We can also provide awning on the side of the Mobile OPD Van to extend shade outside the Mobile Diagnostic Van where a temporary reception or patient waiting area can be created.

Supported by state-of-the-art types of machinery we have been able to offer cabinets and shelters in specific attributes. We are supported by a team of dedicated professionals who leaves no stone unturned to offer qualitative products in a set time frame. We invest a considerable amount of our resources in R&D activities with the objective of continually upgrading our range of products and processes. This ensures that our products are beneficial that suit the diverse requirements of our clients.

From time to time we have been obtaining feedback from our customers according to our policy. We have been a top priority for our clients due to our open attitude of listening to their complaints and grievances. We have been making developments in the defects that have been found by our clients so that we can make our services better and ensure flawless services and products to our clients in the future without repeating the same mistakes.

We have state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities that enable us in offering sturdy and durable products. We have two manufacturing plants that are spread over a sprawling area of 100000 sq. ft. The manufacturing unit is well equipped with hi-tech CNC machines that enhance the production capacity which in turn enables us to meet the increasing demands of our widespread clients. We also have an in-house design unit with a CAM/CAD facility for continuous enhancement of our models and designs.

An efficient team of professionals

We owe our success to our diligent team of professionals that comprises of skilled engineers and technocrats. These professionals of ours are highly qualified and well trained along with great industrial experience. They are well acquainted with the recent trends and have a compromising approach towards the client’s requirements. They work in close coordination to make sure that the supreme quality standards are maintained at all costs. Our organization has been growing due to solemn efforts and undeterred focus, which is being contributed immensely by our team. This makes us acknowledge their overwhelming contribution.

Why should you choose us?

We are glad to tell that following are the reasons that differentiate us from our competitors:

Industry-leading prices: It is well known that each and every aspect related to health care has become highly expensive and hence is not being accessed by the patients who are in low financial status. But, contrary to our rivals, we have been trying very hard to provide our clients with all our products at the cheapest possible prices, so that they can provide their services to patients at lower prices.

Timely delivery: We have always punctual with our work. Never in our history have we delayed our delivery and we never will. Delivery of our products and services to our clients on time is our first priority along with the maintenance of its quality.

Qualitative products: We provide first-class quality services and products to our clients and also ensure they get our services even after they start using our products.

Authenticated services: We ensure that no duplicity takes place in our products and that we deliver authentic products to our clients.

Wide clientele network: We have a huge network of clients spread all over the world. We have been keeping up their trust in us by satisfying all their needs related to our products and services.

  • A fully equipped Mobile OPD Van caters to thousands of people living in far off places.
  • Mobile OPD Unit aim to reach a wide population base covering a number of villages and labor camps.
  • These vans are equipped with basic diagnostics, in-built Laboratory, ECG and X-Ray facilities.
  • These vans are manned by qualified doctor, EMT, cleaning attendant, Gynecologist and a General Physician.
  • The Mobile Medicare Vans provide Free OPD Services like ECG, Random Blood Sugar Test, BMI, etc. with subsidized medicines.
  • The doctors conduct Specialist Camps focused on prevalent ailments in rural areas.
  • Many government and non-government organization are opting for Mobile OPD Centers under their corporate Social Responsibility for the welfare of the people.
  • Such mobile platforms are so helpful to the people living far from technologies and healthcare development to have basic treatment, medicine and health counseling