Bike Ambulances Manufacturers in India

Human Care Medical Fabrications offers a total solution of Bike Ambulances Manufacturers in India with respect to the management of emergencies under one roof. Human Care Medical Fabrications is well known for medical equipment for bike ambulances, fire safety, evacuation disaster management, etc. In the emergency care medical equipment field our clients and our team have made us a trendsetter. A great variety of quality products are being offered by our team to our clients. We have also designed as well as remodeled many high-speed vehicles for first aid purposes over bikes like Splendors along with high-intensity sirens, lights of the ambulance and a kit required to do first aid.

Many of the places on this earth are not well developed. However, in such places, there might be the existence of life and people. Any emergency condition at such places might require an ambulance to carry patients or provide first aid care. As these places are not well developed, ambulances sometimes might not be able to reach the place of emergency. To eradicate such inconvenience at such emergency times, Bike ambulances emerged as an innovative aspect in the Health care system to provide first aid and transfer patients from remote areas to hospitals. Ambulances are often designed on any Motor Cycle as an attempt to supply immediate necessary treatment, resuscitation, and patient stabilization environment. Spacious changes and modifications are made to provide ample space for the storage of types of equipment and devices along with paramedic comfort. In evacuation and smooth handling of patients, Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation, Defibrillation, and Monitoring of important Signs, Splinting and equipment are also provided in these sorts of ambulances. Many of these might seem difficult to fit in such a small vehicle. But thanks to the innovations and developments in technology that even larger machines are being transformed into a small scale to make them conveniently useful.

The simplest solutions are being provided in customized ambulances by few ambulance manufacturers, among whom we are the best. Many varieties of Hospital on Wheels, Mammography Vans, Blood Mobile Vans, and many such things are being manufactured by our company. The Human Care Medical Fabrications has paved the way for industry novelties, manufacturing the safest and most advanced care ambulances and emergency vehicles on the road. We are dedicated and dedicated to delivering unparalleled medical services within the Bike Ambulance while shifting patients from one place to a different.

Human Care Medical Fabrications manufactured a special edition of medical vans known as Hospital on Wheels. Even at the present, there are some foreign places in India where Doctors and Hospitals are unavailable and doctors don’t have an entire range of kits for treatment. The Human Care Medical Fabrications’ Hospital on Wheels as the name suggests is a complete mobile clinic with all the latest technology and equipment needed for the treatment of patients. Nowadays, these have been in demand as there is a lot more need for health-related care even at the nooks of remote areas. Until they get developed, these innovations take the place of large-sized emergency vehicles and Hospitals.

An emergency might occur at any time. This is why we have been producing our Life Plus range of ambulances and mobile hospitals already fitted with all the required medical amenities. At such critical times, medical support must be ensured. This is another reason for our innovations. In order to deliver on customer expectations as well as assist paramedics in saving lives, we have been building innovative ambulances that are highly customized and have state-of-the-art gadgets. We started our journey in this field with a mission and vision to design as well as manufacture extreme quality buses and cargo carriers which are innovatively designed and engineered while maintaining the reliability standards also. With our well-known presence within the transport industry for over 30 years, we are committed to satisfying the requirements of the customer market both locally and internationally.

Being a leading ambulance manufacturing company in India, a quality customer base is provided by the Human Care Medical Fabrications. This customer base includes leading Original Equipment Manufacturing companies like Swaraj Mazda, Eicher, Tata Motors, Ashok Leyland, State Transport Undertakings (STUs). This provides the transport solutions to prime fleet operators, schools, and institutions within the country. The company rolls out around 5000 buses/luxury coaches once a year which is equipped with all the required medical equipment together in them. The Human Care Medical Fabrications provides custom automotive modifications and a wide range of products, including

  • Mobile Hospitals
  • Mobile blood banks
  • Mobile hospital units
  • OPD vans
  • Ambulances
  • ACLS ambulances
  • BLS ambulances
  • First aid vehicles
  • Bike ambulances
  • Emergency care

Research & Development

We at the Human Care Medical Fabrications possess a strong understanding of customer needs and have a strong in-house Research and Development wing which is duly accredited. This has catapulted the Human Care Medical Fabrications into a leading special application vehicle manufacturer in India. We have been growing by manufacturing high-quality products. We know that our customers value innovative and practical solutions which are also being found by us. Our In-house R&D capabilities have enabled us to develop and deliver innovative SAV products and buses ranging from 6-12 meters. We recruit only highly qualified and well-trained individuals having the capability to innovate in our health care field. Also for the quality check, experts who have great experience in this field are recruited by us. The timely delivery of our products and services to our clients happens to be our top priority and benchmark as well. Never letting down our clients in any aspect may be satisfaction or trust, which shows our value towards our clients. We ensure that all our innovative products get quality checked before they are delivered to our clients.

Major Activities OF VED

  • Value Engineering
  • CMVR Certification
  • Prototyping and Testing
  • Field Failure Analysis
  • Vendor Development
  • Production Support
  • Develop New Concept Design


  • Unigraphics


  • Prototype Development
  • Linear Static Analysis
  • Kinematics
  • Solid Modeling
  • Structure Analysis
  • System Design

We often see an ambulance stuck in traffic, trying to move past the huge trail of vehicles in front of it and reach the hospital on time. During that golden hour, when every single second counts, traffic wastes a lot of time, sometimes even leading to loss of life. Bike ambulance can reach to patient immediately and provide treatment in a golden hour and can save patient’s life.

Two-wheeler zipping through the traffic carrying medical supplies to reach the needy patients and administer crucial emergency care until the four wheeler ambulance arrives.