At Human Care Medical Fabrication, We Design for Life

HCMF delivers design and fabrication of ACLS and BLS ambulances, hospitals on wheels, mobile hospitals and other medical care response solutions to the private and government hospitals and medical facilities worldwide. Using craftsmanship, innovation and technology, we convert vans, motorbikes and other vehicles into world-class healthcare units that promise medical attention in real time to the patients. Whether you need to deliver medical care in emergency situations or want to reach the patients, who can’t access your medical facility due to distance, time and financial constraints, we are there to help you.

Our Vision: At HCMF, we aim to be recognized as a manufacturer of safe, customized and quality ambulances and mobile healthcare units.

Our Mission: To design and fabricate modern ambulances that meet the expectations of medical care providers, medical crews and patients and contribute in saving lives.

Our Services Include:

  • Fabrication of ambulances, OPD vans, mobile hospitals and bike ambulances
  • Supply of the state-of-the-art medical and emergency instruments that fit your existing mobile healthcare units

Top 5 Aspects of Our Services

  1. Compliance: Whenever we fabricate a medical care unit, we research and study the norms and regulations set in your region and adhere to the same. It is our foremost aim to ensure that we design ambulances in the most prescribed manners so that no design codes are violated.
  2. Customization: Our design and fabrication teams would sit with you and understand precisely your idea of an all-inclusive medical unit. From the overall layouts to the details about lighting configurations, storage facilities and more, we comply with your visualization. At the same time, we focus on optimally utilizing the available space so that your medical crew is able to make the best out of it.
  3. Quality: We always use the quality fabrication materials that are recommended for usage in a medical environment and are durable and long lasting. In addition, we supply the medical instruments like portable patient monitors, ventilators, infusion pumps and suction machines as well as the stretchers and chairs and tables from the top brands and manufacturers. For your valuable investments, we promise high quality and performance in return.
  4. Safety: As ambulances are meant to reach on time and to the far-off places including the rural areas and villages, we design and test each and every component to ensure safety for the crew and the patients. We are dedicated to create infection-free and germs-free environments inside these units so that you provide medical care and treatment in the best possible manner.
  5. Innovation: While adhering to the set standards, we don’t hesitate to introduce innovation in our fabrication process to make the mobile medical units much more convenient for the users. From adding automatic operations to various components to designing the extremely useful systems for water purification, waste disposal, lighting, temperature control and more, we include the highest level of modernization in our designs.

Are you planning to invest in a mobile medical unit or ambulance to extend the reach of your medical facility? Contact Human Care Medical Fabrication team today to get started.